LiveWell on all devices.

Boost employee engagement, integrate all your company activities and events, get visibility with real-time data- all in one platform.


LiveWell Increase
Increase your productive outcomes by getting more employees engaged in challenges, sessions or courses
LiveWell Choose
Choose from our library of proven engagement programs that promotes health and well-being, corporate social responsibility, refferal programs, operations tips, and even financial and spiritual wellness
LiveWell Measure
Gather data through surveys and polls
LiveWell Measure
Customize a-la-carte services so that you can let us take care of your video creation, photoshoots, specific content and even outsource some of the management of the platform
LiveWell Measure
Measure the results of your initiatives through our dashboard analytics
LiveWell Measure
Ensure that you distribute all your targeted information through social feed, platform ad, push message and site TVs
LiveWell Measure
Achieve your total digital transformation

Why it Works

Employees see how they are performing and inspiring others. Likewise, organisations can learn what motivates employees to be more productive and measure their collective outcomes, ultimately improving bottom line results. With the insight gathered, LiveWell provides the leaders perspective on improving business practices through proactive decisions. A combination of best in class social clustering, gratifications, rewards, wearable fitness devices, and mobile apps help employees make healthy, long lasting behavior across all aspects of their lives. It connects people not only to each other but to the overall vision of the company.

Livewell Pillar


We provide employer visibility into the overall health of the organization through customizable dashboards, integration of existing wellness campaigns, and detailed reporting and analytics.

87% of employers have a hard time tracking and measuring the impact of their corporate wellness initiatives. It leads to poor results, decision inefficiencies, low employee engagement, high attrition, high absenteeism and increasing health costs.

Our Results


40% Lower

On average, employees engaged in the LiveWell program are more likely to stay connected with their organization. Average attrition for a LiveWell engaged employee is 40% less than a non-engaged employee.


24% lower

On average, employees engaged in the LiveWell program are more likely to be present and motivated at work. Average absenteeism for a LW engaged employee is 24% less than a non-engaged employee.

Health Utilization

50% less

On average, employees engaged in the LiveWell program are less likely to visit their physician or ER, by as much as 50%.